Land Use

City of Portland Land Use Updates

Contact ACNA Land Use Co-Chair Liz Marantz, if you have questions or would like to receive email updates about any of these land use projects in the neighborhood.



Comus North of SW 30th Place-8 lots

The Pre-Application Conference has taken place and the Early Involvement Neighborhood Meeting was held August 13th with a high attendance. The next step will be the filing of a formal application with the city. 


60-90 Bed Residential Care Facility

July 2, 2019
Pre-Application Conference was held for a 60-90 bed residential care facility on the large vacant lot west of 12395 SW Clara Lane at Boones Ferry Rd with ingress/egress from the 27 space parking lot on Clara Lane. Read the BDS – Conference Facilitator Summary Memo.

The next step would  be the Early Involvement Neighborhood Meeting. There are difficulties inherent with this site, problems with the Clara Lane right of way issues and the gnarly intersection with Boones Ferry Road.


SW Corridor

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View upcoming meeting details here.


Environmental Overlay Zone Map Correction Project

Environmental Overlay Zone Map Correction Project

Visit the City of Portland's Environmental Overlay Zone Correction Project website for updates.


A Three Lot Partition has been approved for 12436 SW Boones Ferry Rd.


Three Lot Land Division proposed for 11536 SW 33rd

Proposal for a three lot land division with a private street. The existing house is to remain and is located in the environmental resource. The new dwellings on Parcels 1 and 3 are proposed to be constructed outside of the environmental resource. All three lots will take access from the proposed private street.

The PreApp has taken place and looks like as a result the owners have decided to divide into two lots, not three lots as originally proposed.

There may be a request for the Early Neighborhood Meeting in September of October. After the meeting takes place, Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association will receive a land use notice and the opportunity to send in comments. The land use review will be for the land division and will not cover a change-of-use for the existing house from single family residential. A cat hotel would be allowed under the zoning for R20 as an agricultural use, and the owners would not need a home business permit. 


A Seventeen Lot Subdivision Approved for 10701 SW 25th

The Hearings Officer has approved this Type lll proposal for a 17-lot subdivision and two new public streets (one of which will connect to 26th in the Arnold Woods subdivision) plus an open space tract for the one third of the property which has an Environmental Overlay.

The concurrent request for an amendment to reduce the side set backs on all 17 lots from 10 feet to 5 feet was also approved.

Decision, January 4, 2019 - Click this link to download the pdf document from City of Portland website (47 MB) or navigate to City of Portland Land Use Decisions for Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. to download the document.


Seventeen Lot subdivision proposed at 12384 & 12396 SW Clara Lane

There was a PreApp conference for this proposal and there was a neighborhood meeting but no application was filed within the window of a year. If the owner still wants to develop, she has to start over with a new PreApp.

The planning consultant for this proposed development, Danelle Isenhart, attended the  November 2018 ACNA neighborhood meeting.

The proposal is for a land division into 17 lots, standard street improvements for Clara Lane including a re-alignment where it meets Boones Ferry Rd., and a street extension to connect Clara Lane to Boones Ferry Lane (please note, that is BF Lane not BF Road).  19th street will no longer connect to Boones Ferry Rd.  The proposal also includes two open space tracts, wetland protections and pedestrian connections.


Boones Ferry Road Culvert Project

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) intends to replace an under-sized existing culvert that carries Tryon Creek under SW Boones Ferry Road, building a new street bridge, and restoring a channel bed in Tryon Creek in place of the culvert. More information can be found on the BES Boones Ferry Road Culvert Project website.